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A marketing guide for gamma artists

A Marketing Guide for Gamma Artists

Marketing yourself as an artist on Bitcoin

Ready for launch?

A guide to launching your collection on Bitcoin Since Ordinals mainnet launched in January 2023, the world of digital...

Marketing Yourself as an Artist on Bitcoin

Embarking on the artist journey into Web3 and Ordinals can be both thrilling and intimidating for most creators and...

Bitcoin Ordinals & Stacks NFTs

At Gamma, we’re building a Bitcoin-based NFT marketplace and a home for your Web3 social identity. While we started out...

Create Ordinal inscriptions on Gamma

Lately, all the NFT buzz has been spotlighted on one thing: Ordinals.

Security Basics – Tips for NFT Collectors

Collecting and creating NFTs is a wonderful way to engage in the web3 digital economy. NFTs range from digital, art,...

Getting Started with Gamma | Gamma Guides

Curious about how to get started with NFTs on Stacks, secured by Bitcoin? Keep reading this post!

How to Engage Your NFT Community on Social Media

For many creators, the voyage into web3 and NFTs is an exciting process, yet it can be daunting at times. All of a...

What is IPFS and How Does it Work?

IPFS stands for the InterPlanetary File System (believe it or not). In their own words it is:

How to Download and Set up Hiro Wallet | Gamma Guides

So you want to engage in the Stacks ecosystem, secured my Bitcoin. A Hiro wallet will let you store, stack, and connect...

How to Purchase an NFT on Gamma | Gamma Guides

Missed the mint on a collection you were eyeing? No worries, in this guide, we’ll show you how to purchase an NFT off...

A Guide to the Gamma Create Portal | Gamma Guides

The Gamma create portal allows you to define and deploy a custom smart contract for your NFT collection. You’ll have a...

Your guide to .BTC Domains (BNS) | Gamma Guides

By now, you may have seen Stacks community members on the Gamma marketplace, Twitter, and Discord with .BTC at the end...

Mint with Bitcoin (via Lightning)! | Gamma Guides

We’re excited to announce the first ever NFT project on Stacks to be minted with bitcoin via Lightning payments! In...