Marketing Yourself as an Artist on Bitcoin

  • January 31, 2024

Embarking on the artist journey into Web3 and Ordinals can be both thrilling and intimidating for most creators and projects. Suddenly, a global audience is within reach, prompting a recurring question among creators: "I've crafted art on Bitcoin, but what comes next? How do I effectively connect with and expand my audience?" 

We've put together a starter's guide below to help assist you in connecting with the greater Web3 community, thereby promoting both yourself and your work.

Building a High-Quality Bitcoin Ordinals Presence on X:

Create a Bitcoin Ordinals Profile:

Carefully curate your profile picture and banner to visually represent either yourself or the essence of your artwork/projects within the Bitcoin Ordinals ecosystem.

Craft an Informative Bio:

Compose a succinct yet comprehensive bio that introduces who you are and provides a glimpse into your artistic pursuits, keeping in mind the culture of the Bitcoin Ordinals community. Share your passion and artistic identity with potential followers, and showcase what makes you unique.

Incorporate your Gamma Profile Link:

Include a link to your Gamma profile in your Bitcoin Ordinals bio. Your Gamma profile can serve as a hub connecting visitors to your website, portfolio, a showcase of your creations, and other relevant biographical details within the Bitcoin Ordinals context.

Pin Posts:

Pin a post that showcases your current drop or a piece of work you are particularly proud of within the Bitcoin Ordinals ecosystem. This helps create a focal point for visitors to your profile, offering a quick snapshot of your latest achievements within this specific community. Rotate this semi regularly.

Consistent Daily Posting:

Establish a routine of daily posting tailored to the interests of the Bitcoin Ordinals audience. When sharing your work, consider creating thread posts, with the second post featuring your collection link. This strategic placement can enhance visibility and accessibility within this unique space.

Engage in Bitcoin Ordinals Spaces:

Actively participate in Bitcoin Ordinals Spaces, virtual audio spaces for real-time conversations specific to this community. Additionally, consider taking the initiative to start your own Space, collaborating with fellow creators or engaging with early collectors within the Bitcoin Ordinals ecosystem. This creates a dynamic platform for networking within the web3 community. 

Support Fellow Artists/Projects in the Bitcoin Ordinals:

Foster a sense of community by actively engaging with other artists' content within the Bitcoin Ordinals space. Like, repost, and comment on works that resonate with you within the context of this specific community. Building these connections not only supports fellow creators but can also lead to reciprocal support for your own endeavors within the Bitcoin Ordinals niche.

Express Gratitude to Collectors in the Bitcoin Ordinals:

Show appreciation to those who support your work within the Bitcoin Ordinals community by publicly thanking your collectors or reposting and commenting on their posts within this specific space. Acknowledging their contributions helps strengthen your relationship with your audience and creates a positive and appreciative online environment within the Bitcoin Ordinals ecosystem.


Establishing a Presence on Discord for Bitcoin Ordinals Creators

Create a Discord Profile:

Elevate your Discord presence by utilizing your artwork as your profile picture and adopting your artist name as your Discord handle within the Bitcoin Ordinals community. This ensures immediate recognition and a cohesive branding approach.

Join Gamma Marketplace Discord:

Become a part of the Gamma marketplace Discord community within the Bitcoin Ordinals ecosystem and actively engage by sharing relevant information about yourself in the designated channels. This not only introduces you to potential collaborators but also demonstrates your commitment to the platform within the context of Bitcoin Ordinals.

Understand the Discord Environment:

Familiarize yourself with the server dynamics, rules, and expectations when participating in a Discord community, specifically tailored to the Bitcoin Ordinals community. Take the time to read pinned posts, gaining insight into the server culture, and tailor your contributions accordingly to align with the interests of this unique audience.

Create Your Own Discord Server:

Explore the possibility of establishing your own Discord server within the Bitcoin Ordinals community, leveraging resources like YouTube tutorials for guidance. A personal server provides a more intimate setting for engaging with your community, discussing drops, sharing your roadmap (if applicable), and utilizing Gamma Discord Bots for tracking sales and offers specific to the Bitcoin Ordinals audience. Keep in mind that maintaining an active Discord community requires dedication, so proceed only if you are committed for the long term within this unique space.

Engage Thoughtfully in Other Bitcoin Ordinals Servers:

When joining other artists' or projects' servers within the Bitcoin Ordinals community and participating in their channels, go beyond just sharing links and alpha. Provide additional information that offers collectors insights into your work within the Bitcoin Ordinals context and encourages meaningful interactions.

By implementing these strategies, you can establish a vibrant and interactive presence on Discord, fostering meaningful connections within the Web3 community, especially within the Bitcoin Ordinals ecosystem.

Exploring New Platforms for Community Engagement:

Dive into Instagram, TikTok, and Reddit, as these platforms boast expansive communities that offer valuable learning opportunities and the potential to broaden your audience within the Bitcoin Ordinals space. On Instagram and TikTok, leverage the Explore page and hashtags specific to Bitcoin Ordinals to discover captivating communities that align with your artistic niche. For example, explore relevant hashtags to connect with enthusiasts and fellow creators within the Bitcoin Ordinals community. On Reddit, conduct targeted searches to identify relevant subreddits catering to the specific themes or genres of your creative work within the Bitcoin Ordinals ecosystem. For example, if you specialize in blockchain art, explore ecosystem pages(subreddits)  to engage with a community interested in the intersection of art and cryptocurrency. By strategically navigating these platforms, you can tap into vibrant communities that align with your artistic vision and potentially expand your reach within the Bitcoin Ordinals niche.

Navigating the Future:

As you proceed, the key lies in maintaining persistence and cultivating patience within the Bitcoin Ordinals ecosystem. Prioritize the quality of your communications over sheer quantity; fewer impactful and well-crafted posts consistently outshine numerous lower-quality ones within this specific community. Strive to avoid the perception of being overly promotional or spammy, as authenticity and meaningful engagement resonate more positively within the web3 community, particularly within the Bitcoin Ordinals niche. Enjoy the creative journey, infusing it with passion and a commitment to building genuine connections.

Remember, if you ever need assistance or simply want to connect within the Bitcoin Ordinals community, our support system is here for you. Reach out to us in our Discord community, engage with us on Twitter, or drop us a message at 

We're dedicated to supporting your journey within the Bitcoin Ordinals ecosystem and ensuring you have the resources and encouragement you need. Your success is a shared celebration within our community, and we look forward to being part of your creative evolution within the unique landscape of Bitcoin Ordinals.


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