Partner Artist Spotlight: Julien Pacaud

  • May 9, 2024
Gamma Team
Gamma Team

Meet Julien Pacaud

How would you describe yourself as an artist?
I am an artist whose work intrigues as much as it inspires. As a digital collage artist and illustrator, I embarked on my creative journey in the early 2000s after studying cinematography. Despite my traditional approach to art, I recently delved into the world of Web3 and Bitcoin ordinals, exploring new avenues for presenting and selling my work.


How have you embraced the digital realm as an artist?
My journey into digital art began with the discovery of Photoshop, a tool perfectly suited to my artistic vision. This marked the beginning of a dual career path, where I balanced personal projects with commissioned works for various industries. My late entry into the Web3 space in 2023 allowed me to experiment with digital works as NFTs, leading me into the world of Bitcoin Ordinals.


How would you define your style?
Describing my style as retro-futurist and surrealist, my work often reflects the themes of dreams, seamlessly blending the intimate with the cosmic. My recent use of AI to generate elements for my collages injected new vigor into my work, enabling exploration of familiar themes with fresh perspectives.

Talk to us about your work that you have dropped on BTC?
One of my notable series released as Bitcoin ordinals is "Games of Life." These pieces whimsically depict life’s dramatic and profound aspects as if they were components of board games, reflecting my surreal and ironic view of the human experience.

Tell us about your artistic journey!
My artistic foundation was laid not in traditional art schools but through my studies in cinematography. My transition to digital art allowed me to weave my love for cinema with my creative expressions, crafting narratives within each image.
What growth have you experienced throughout this time?

Reflecting on my personal and artistic evolution, I acknowledge the constant sense of youthful eagerness and creative drive that has remained with me over the years. This mindset has helped me navigate the complexities of new artistic mediums and the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Do you have any external influences as a creator?
Influenced by surrealists like Magritte and cultural icons such as "The Twilight Zone," David Lynch, and Pink Floyd, I draw inspiration from a diverse pool. These influences serve as a subconscious breeding ground from which I craft my unique artistic universe.

What challenges have you encountered working in Web3?
Entering the realm of Web3 and cryptocurrencies presented formidable challenges for me, akin to starting from scratch. This new beginning has tested my adaptability as both an artist and an individual navigating the digital age.

Tell us about your future aspirations as an artist, and advice you would give emerging artists?
Looking ahead, I aspire to sustain myself through my personal art, leveraging platforms like Bitcoin ordinals to focus more on personal expression. For aspiring digital artists curious about integrating cryptocurrencies into their work, I advise persistence in exploring new technologies to find what best suits their artistic needs.

My artistic journey is a testament to the power of adaptation and the continuous search for new expressions and platforms. My work remains a profound exploration of the surreal, digital, and now, the decentralized realms of art.

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