Partner Artist Spotlight: Michelle Thompson

  • March 6, 2024
Gamma Team
Gamma Team
Can you introduce yourself and share your journey into the fusion of traditional and digital art?

Embarking on my artistic journey has been a captivating exploration of creativity, evolution, and the seamless fusion of traditional and digital art. Since earning a Masters in Illustration from the Royal College of Art in 1996, I've worked with prestigious clients like Apple, Sky, Marvel, and various international newspapers. My portfolio, a showcase of versatility in both analog and digital collage, reflects my experiences as a freelance artist. 

How do you describe your artistic style and approach, especially in balancing commissioned work with personal projects?

My artistic approach marries the discipline of commissioned work, with its defined briefs and deadlines, with the unbridled freedom of personal projects. Inspired by classic advertising and the exploration of women's censorship, my creations bear a gritty texture reminiscent of vintage magazines. This blend demonstrates my mastery over both analog and digital realms, allowing the artwork to seemingly take on a life of its own.

What led you to adopt Bitcoin ordinals as a medium in your art, and how has it influenced your work?

The transition to using Bitcoin ordinals as a medium marked a rejuvenating phase in my artistic journey. Initially, as I grappled with Bitcoin's intricacies, the Gamma community provided unparalleled support, surpassing what I had found on other minting platforms. This simplicity and effectiveness in experimenting with blockchain resonated with my preference for streamlining work, impacting both artistic expression and file sizing.

Could you discuss the significance behind your released pieces and the stories they tell?

My ability to tell stories shines through in released pieces like "Echoes of a Reclining Girl" and "She's on the Phone." Each work holds unique significance, featuring experimentation with vibrant colors, glitching, and simplification. These stories invite collectors to dive into the meaning, reflecting my commitment to engaging my audience in a narrative dialogue.

How has your background in traditional art influenced your transition to digital art and NFTs?

Spanning over 30 years, my artistic evolution has seamlessly woven together traditional analog collage with the digital realm. The move to NFTs has enabled me to carve out a livelihood on my own terms, with a noticeable trend in commissioned works reflecting the style of my NFT pieces. This integration has created a dynamic and interconnected artistic landscape.

In what ways has personal growth and evolution been a part of your artistic journey?

Dedicating time to personal projects has been instrumental in my personal and artistic growth. Transitioning from working independently to becoming part of a community has ignited a passion for curating. This journey has highlighted the symbiotic relationship between personal and commissioned work, contributing to a richer and more fulfilling artistic experience.

Who are your artistic influences, and how have they shaped your unique style?

Artistic giants like Rauschenberg, Motherwell, and Beuys have been monumental in influencing my work. Yet, my style is also profoundly shaped by the materials I've collected over the years, resulting in a distinct expression. The boxes filled with ephemera and inspiration stand as a testament to my rich creative source.

How has adaptability played a role in your creative process, especially with the challenges of the digital and cryptocurrency spaces?

Navigating the digital space and the evolving world of cryptocurrencies has underscored the importance of an unwavering belief in my creations. Realizing that sales figures—or the lack thereof—are not a critique of the work itself has been pivotal for my growth as an artist and as an individual, reinforcing the value of artistic authenticity.

What future aspirations do you have for your art, especially with the ongoing exploration of digital mediums like Bitcoin ordinals?

I am currently working on a collection that hints at a future brimming with artistic endeavors and explorations. My journey continues to unfold, promising new dimensions and expressions in the digital art world, particularly through the use of Bitcoin ordinals.

What advice would you offer to emerging digital artists navigating the world of art and cryptocurrencies?

For aspiring digital artists, my advice is to relish the process, be explorative, and resist the temptation to compare oneself to others. Every creative journey is unique, and embracing one's individuality is key to finding fulfillment in the realms of digital art and cryptocurrencies.

Explore Michelle Thompson's releases on Gamma. 

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