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  • May 3, 2022

Missed the mint on a collection you were eyeing? No worries, in this guide, we’ll show you how to purchase an NFT off of our secondary marketplace on

First, head on over to and connect your wallet by clicking “Connect Stacks Wallet” in the top right hand corner. Then, select the wallet you’d like to use (if you have more than one). To learn how to create a wallet, read our guide on setting up a Stacks wallet here. If your wallet is connected, you’ll either see your wallet address or your BNS at the top of the page. 

Now that you are connected, you have a few options.

Exploring the Marketplace

To explore NFTs, click on Explore -> All NFTs in the top right hand corner.


Here, you’ll be able to browse NFTs that are currently listed for sale on the marketplace. To sort by price, most recently listed, or most recently sold, click the dropdown menu labeled “Sort by:”.

Exploring Collections

To explore top collections, you may either click Explore -> Collections in the top right hand corner, or scroll down on the home page to the Top Collections section.


To sort through top collections from the last day, week, month, or other time frame, click the dropdown menu as indicated above.


To purchase an NFT you like, you can either click “Buy Now” directly in the preview card, or click on the NFT to see more details.

To purchase directly from the preview card, hover over the NFT and click “Buy now.” This will prompt you to confirm the transaction from your wallet, where you’ll also need to pay a small transaction fee. Once confirmed, you should see your NFT in your wallet!


You may also click on the NFT to expand detailed view. Here, you’ll see an enlarged view of the NFT, attributes (if there are any listed), and NFT details such as rarity rank, selling history, and listing price related to the current floor price.


If you’d like to purchase the NFT, click “Buy now” and follow the same steps as detailed above. Again, after your transaction is confirmed, you’ll see your new NFT in your profile. That’s it!

As always, it’s good practice to sign out of your profile once you’re done exploring the marketplace. If you have any more questions, please contact support at Good luck!

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