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A marketing guide for gamma artists

A Marketing Guide for Gamma Artists

Marketing yourself as an artist on Bitcoin

The Power of Editions

Expanding Your Collector Base

Creative Coding on Bitcoin

Generative art is a form of digital art that uses algorithms and computational processes to create unique and complex...

Generative Art on Gamma

The beauty of code art lies in its fusion of creativity and logic. Artists define a set of rules or algorithms that...

Graffiti & Ordinals

Stop putting graffiti on my money you pompous vandals!

Ordinals Spotlight: Illustration

Illustration as an artistic genre has a history that dates back to ancient civilizations, where it was used to convey...

Ordinals Spotlight: Photography

In 1826, Joseph Nicéphore Niépce produced the earliest surviving photograph using heliography. Louis Daguerre's...

Nature’s Palette: Art and Botany

Cover image PamplePaperStudio With the arrival of Spring and my Angel Wing Begonia shooting its first pink flowers of...

Halving Homecoming

DAVE VAN PATTEN In the dynamic artistic scene of Long Beach, Dave Van Patten emerges as a standout figure, traversing...

The Revenant - Travis LeRoy Southworth

Travis LeRoy Southworth is an OG in the crypto art space and one of the initial beta testers of SuperRare. His Web3...

Partner Artist Spotlight: Sinfini3

Can you introduce yourself and share about your unique background?

Let There Be Runestones, Art Challenge

The initiative Earlier this month, Runestones mined the largest Bitcoin block in history and inscribed the largest...

Partner Artist Spotlight: Andrea Belloni

Can you introduce yourself and share about your unique background?

Partner Artist Spotlight: Michelle Thompson

Can you introduce yourself and share your journey into the fusion of traditional and digital art? Embarking on my...

Ready for launch?

A guide to launching your collection on Bitcoin Since Ordinals mainnet launched in January 2023, the world of digital...

Prints Challenge: All that glisters is not gold

The challenge This month, we're shaking things up and diving into the world of idioms. We’re inviting Partner artists...

Marketing Yourself as an Artist on Bitcoin

Embarking on the artist journey into Web3 and Ordinals can be both thrilling and intimidating for most creators and...