What's in a Name?

  • October 20, 2023

What's in a Name?

From the beginning of time, language has served as one of our most remarkable and constantly evolving tools. Fundamentally, it enables us to share our thoughts, emotions, and intentions using words. Among the most powerful elements in language are names. They're more than mere labels; they gift us with identity. Beyond cultural meanings to the intricate psychology of naming, a name remains deeply personal. I remember from my days in education, students would often ask, "Mr. Herskope, do you remember my name?" Even in a school with 400 students, I tried to remember each one, knowing the significance to each child.

Names, and the significance they carry, also find a place in the expanding world of Web3. From named sats and social media handles to gamer tags and domains like .btc or .eth, the act of naming touches nearly every aspect of our digital lives.


My Identity

Names differentiate one person from another, acting as a unique identifier. On platforms like Twitter or Discord, users are asked to pick a "username," and typically, no two users can have the same one. Uniqueness resonates deeply with us. Change a handle or profile picture, and there's a phase of disconnection; we become inextricably tied to our names in the digital world.


Understanding Addresses

Simply put, names help us identify individuals and things. Our brains are wired to recall names easier than random sequences of letters or numbers. Hence, you might recall a shopping list but struggle with a complex bitcoin address. This is where blockchain domain names step in. By giving human-friendly names to cryptocurrency addresses, like "brett.sats" instead of lengthy alphanumeric codes, we enhance user experience and minimize transactional errors. These domains also grant users a sense of digital identity ownership, anchored securely on the blockchain.


The Art of Naming Art

In the context of Ordinals (and generally the digital art sphere), naming isn't just an afterthought; it's a part of the creation process. An intentionally chosen title can evoke emotions and deepen an artwork's impact. It guides, adds layers to, and enriches the viewer's interpretation. Essentially, naming is an artistic expression itself. For instance, take a look at the recent Gamma Print by Igor Martins named 'Powerless.'

Powerless by Igor Martins


Sat Names

The ordinal theory handbook states that each satoshi is named using letters A-Z. The names shorten based on when the satoshi was mined. Consider the hypothetical satoshi 987654321° named "coffeetime." This system unlocks creativity, letting owners link art with these names, perhaps art themed around coffee in this instance. This personal touch can elevate a satoshi's value beyond its monetary worth. Over time, every possible combination of 10 characters or fewer will find a use.

In conclusion, the importance of a name in our lives is profound. Whether in the real world or the digital realm, names stand at the crossroads of identity, communication, and connection. They are indispensable tools for building relationships, trust, respect, and, most crucially, understanding our human essence.

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