Sparkle and Sphere by Resaang: A Gift to the Gamma Community

Happy Holidays! A gift to the Gamma community
  • December 24, 2023
Gamma Team
Gamma Team

As 2023 comes to a close, we want to thank the Gamma community for your support and trust over this incredibly eventful year. This year, we wanted to express our gratitude and well wishes along with the support and craft of one of our multi-talented Gamma Partner Artists, Resaang.

We hope Resaang’s original piece “Sparkle and Sphere” makes you feel at home this holiday season, with festive colors and textures that fill you with nostalgia. When asked for her inspiration for the piece, Resa explained, “I wanted something simple yet festive, decorative lights have always been my favorite part of the holiday season. In HK, malls are adorned with the fanciest Christmas decorations that always capture holiday spirit.”

Sparkle and Sphere by Resaang

We inscribed her artwork on Bitcoin forever, and have launched an exclusive Bitcoin Ordinal present for you, available as a free mint to Gamma community members who hold Prints. If you’ve collected and hold any Print from any Gamma Partner Artist, you’ll automatically receive a mintpass to claim one free “Sparkle and Sphere”. If you’ve collected and hold two or more Print releases, you’ll be able to claim two.

The artwork’s description encapsulates the holiday cheer: "They dance on trees, a dazzling sight. Spreading joy and warmth through the cold night. Happy holidays!"

“Sparkle and Sphere” celebrates the holiday season with innovation and creativity, and serves as a testament to the fusion of traditional art and immutable assets on BTC. 

In addition to spending time with family, Resa makes the most of this time of year, sharing that for her, it is “a time to rest or work more whilst others are resting.” We hope 2024 continues to usher in this new era of art appreciation and ownership, with Bitcoin as a canvas.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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