Partner Artist Spotlight: Andrea Belloni

  • March 13, 2024
Gamma Team
Gamma Team

Can you introduce yourself and share about your unique background?

In my journey through the realm of digital art and the innovative world of cryptocurrencies, I find myself sharing a unique story that intertwines physics, mathematics, and the beauty found in equations. Despite my background in physics rather than the arts, my appreciation for the elegance of equations and their ability to describe the universe has led me to a passion for highlighting mathematical beauty through computer graphics.

Tell us more about your experience in programming?

Inspired by the connections between art and science, I began writing programs to display the beauty of mathematical equations on the screen, even before the advent of generative art. With the guidance of a professor passionate about the intersection of art and science, I explored the beauty of mathematics through computer graphics. This exploration laid the foundation for my eventual release of works as NFTs on various blockchains, including Tezos, Ethereum, and Bitcoin.

How would you define your artistic approach?

My artistic approach is rooted in the study of complex systems, cellular automata, growth phenomena, and fractal geometry. I delve into themes of deterministic and stochastic types, ranging from the Mandelbrot set and Julia set to the generation of natural landscapes, trees, and clouds. My creations emanate from a deep understanding of the intricate patterns found in these mathematical concepts.

Can you explain your decision to use Bitcoin as a canvas?

Choosing Bitcoin ordinals as a medium for releasing my art was a conscious decision. The transition meant leaving more comfortable programming environments and learning to create with more compact codes. Despite the initial challenge, the constraint led to the exploration of new ways of creating. I express immense pleasure in seeing what such compact codes can generate on the screen, showcasing the beauty that can emerge from limitations.

Tell us about a couple of your pieces you have released as prints

Delving into specific pieces released using Bitcoin ordinals, I'd like to highlight two significant works. "Flowing," a generative piece, utilizes different types of noise generators to create continuously evolving mental landscapes with various palettes. On the opposite end of the spectrum, "Zen" takes a minimalist approach, using a compact shader to generate a periodic animation with soft and nuanced colors.

Contrary to a traditional artistic journey, I have always been a digital artist, with no transition from traditional art forms. My personal growth and evolution stem from learning new tools and techniques, coupled with studying and gaining insights from other accomplished artists in the field.

Where do you derive inspiration from?

Influences from my early works with analog computers to CGI sequences in films have shaped my artistic vision. I draw inspiration from pioneers in the field, such as Herbert W. Franke, Jared Tarbell, Memo Akten, Casey Reas, and Zachary Liebermann. Navigating the balance between drawing inspiration and maintaining originality involves understanding the ideas and processes behind other artists' works, which unconsciously influence my creations.

What have you learned developing as an artist?

The adaptability required as an artist in the digital space and the evolving world of cryptocurrencies has contributed significantly to my personal growth. Relationships established with other artists in the field, sharing experiences and mutual help, have been pivotal in this journey. The unexpected cultivation of important friendships through social media interactions has been a revelation for me.

What is next for you in your artistic journey?

Looking ahead, my aspirations as a digital artist using Bitcoin ordinals include continuous learning, studying new things, and mastering various tools. I emphasize that the more tools one knows and masters, the fewer limits there are in translating ideas onto the screen.

Can you provide some words of wisdom for emerging artists in the space?

For emerging digital artists interested in integrating cryptocurrencies into their work, I offer advice based on my experiences and insights gained so far. My advice centers on studying and emulating the works of the best artists, creating something new, and embracing the dynamic process of interactions and feedback between the idea, the written code, and the generated output on the screen. In this iterative loop, each element influences the other, and none is predominant, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning and innovation in the creative process.

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