Let There Be Runestones, Art Challenge

Let There Be Runestones, Art Challenge
  • March 22, 2024
Gamma Team
Gamma Team

The initiative

Earlier this month, Runestones mined the largest Bitcoin block in history and inscribed the largest inscription ever! Runestones were airdropped to OG Ordinals holders, a community led and supported project that has been the talk of the ecosystem since! 

Today, we're starting a fun community initiative matching Runestones, with a challenge of our own! 


The challenge 

You have until April 5th to launch your Runestone-inspired artwork (the artwork 1 and artwork 2).

The challenge is open to all creators! The artwork can be created and launched on any Bitcoin Ordinals platform, but to keep things fair, it must be: 

  1.  Purely art, with no promises for other utilities or airdrops during the challenge
  2.  Posted on X/Twitter: tag @trygamma and use #RunestoneArt

Prints or Collections with at least 100 unique holders will be reviewed by our curation committee of Partner Artists and Partner Curators, who will vote for the winning artwork. 


The prize

To celebrate the occasion, Gamma will be giving away two Runestones!

One Runestone will be awarded to the winning artist/artwork voted on by our curation committee. 

A second Runestone will be airdropped to a random collector of the winning artwork.


Are you just getting started on Gamma?

We got you! You'll find plenty of resources here. Our no-code creator launchpad lets you inscribe your work in just a few clicks. Then, you'll be able to manage all aspects of your collection just as easily. But if there's anything you need, we're just one DM away! You can reach out through @gammaiosupport on twitter/X or join our discord here.


Ready to launch?


Want to set up a recursive mint?
Inscribe the artwork from which your editions will be made, then head over to this form and we'll take care of the rest.


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