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  • December 8, 2023

I wanted to share some news with the Gamma community—especially with our earliest users who have come to know our team on a personal level.

My co-founder, Jamil Dhanani, has stepped back from his role at Gamma to focus on his grad studies at Stanford. This move is part of his personal and academic pursuits.

Jamil is responsible for a great deal of our early story, helping to set the stage for what Gamma is today. As he transitions into this next chapter, the whole team would like to thank him for his leadership and efforts.

Jamil and I worked together to ensure a seamless transition leading up to his current semester. I’m pleased to share that with some careful planning and the support of our incredibly talented and dynamic team, we’ve done just that. As CEO, I’m joined by our existing leadership team, including our Director of Engineering, Jack Linden, who will continue to lead our engineering team and development strategy.

I’m honored and humbled to continue to lead the company and team into our next phases of growth. We’re committed as ever to our mission: helping creators earn, connect with their communities, and preserve their legacies.

We're excited about what's ahead for Gamma and are ready to keep building a great space for artists on Bitcoin. Big thanks to Jamil, and best of luck in his academic journey.

Warm regards,

Nick Sainato
Co-founder and CEO,

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