Gamma x Xverse at Ordinals Alley: Co-Curation

Ordinals Alley Co-curation
  • May 30, 2023

A few days ago, we explored how the Ordinals Alley exhibition came to life, and learned more about the Open Call selected artists. Now, it’s time to introduce our four remaining artists curated for Ordinals Alley. 

Gamma and Xverse commissioned creative input from Hugo Pouchard, who merged his experiences from the traditional and digital world to support our efforts in setting up this unique show. Bringing 10 years of experience in the digital/tech art field and two years in the Web3 and NFT industry, Hugo curates shows for galleries yearning to step into Web3. He also currently leads, an art incubator that supports and advises artists.

Hugo and our team got in touch with Web3 artists inspired by Ordinals, who were keen to experiment with something new. We are so excited to present Hugo’s selection of artists.


Florian Zumbrunn


Florian Zumbrunn is a generative artist who finds joy in the little surprises that are brought to life when creating. Most of the time, rather than having a completely clear predefined idea, he starts with a concept that evolves during creation. Using code to give birth to algorithms, he iterates in an unlimited way.

His works can take the shape of a video, a projection, an installation, a painting or a print (via printers or robots), and often contain some analog elements, blurring lines between the digital and the physical world.


Pawel Dudko


Paweł Dudko is an interactive and generative artist who uses code and 3D printing. Paweł Dudko holds a Ph.D. in Arts and MSc Eng in Architecture.

“Flux” is a generative approach to the artist’s exploration of light as the essence of photography. Vibrant lights react to each other’s presence and create a visual play of abstract murmuration. Based on deterministic values, behaviors change and can be observed in the process. The constant, infinite motion resembles structures inspired by natural phenomena.


Pierre Pauze


Pierre Pauze is a French video artist who started exploring Web3 art through his project “xSublimatio” made in 2021 with 

In “xSublimatio”, he generated visual representations of each molecule based on their chemical composition, with the help of a PhD drug scientist and a generative artist. The process sits at the crossroads of art and science. The project, originally launched on Ethereum, allows users to assemble molecules together to create different types of drugs, each one with unique visuals.


Loren Bednar


Loren Bednar, generative artist, likes to explore colors and feelings, and experiment with new ways to blend them together. 

“Refraction” is a motion art piece that plays with light and color to create the effect of lens distortions on geometric patterns. Amorphous shapes gradually melt and change, revealing different intricacies over time. “Refraction” was made in collaboration with /imagine/ 

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