The Artists Behind the Projects

Gamma Gradient
  • June 7, 2022

The NFT collections we know, love, and collect all have an amazing artist at their heart. This collection is to celebrate “The Artists Behind the Projects” and to highlight and appreciate the creators behind some of the largest and most unique projects on Gamma.

Gamma aims to serve as the home for collectors, creators, and investors to come together to explore, trade, and showcase extraordinary NFTs through the Bitcoin ecosystem.

We got to thinking—creators—there are so many fantastic creators behind the community-driven NFT projects which make up a large part of our NFT ecosystem. These artists are the masterminds behind every single trait we admire when we view and trade our NFT’s.

What better way to showcase these artists than to invite them to create a 1/1 collectible in their own unique style—a blank slate, no theme or guide provided—just to go and create. We were so grateful to receive such a resoundingly positive response from the invited artists, a true display of what an amazing community we have in Stacks and on Gamma.

We had ten wonderful artists from different projects on Stacks create one piece each, which will be up for bidding on our auction page.

Let’s get to know the creators!


Ayyoub Bouzerda: Tin Woman



Hello, my name is Ayyoub Bouzerda, a regular guy from Morocco with unusual superpowers that turn normal boring looking portraits to awesome vintage comic book style looking art 😀

grace.btc: Non-fungible Joy

Crash Punks


I am a multimedia artist combining AR/VR, biosensors, and music into artistic experiences for societal impact. My work has been exhibited at China Fashion Week, Shanghai Tower, MIT, Stanford, Singapore, and Dubai.

Quentin Saubadu: Mother Nature #2

The Explorer Guild


I am the Co-founder & Head of Design at Sigle, also illustrator of the #1 Explorer Guild NFT collection.

Ronin: The Supplicant

Nonnish Kingdom


I am a part time evolutionary biologist, full time creative mind. Artist for Nonnish.

Vandal_Heart: SET CLOCK

Project Indigo


I am a designer of products. Pinball and retro gaming fan. Student of philosophy. Bullish on learning.

Baha: Origins

Tiger Force


I am a 24 year old digital creator and artist living in Austria. I am the artist behind Tiger Force and I specialize in: character creation, Photoshop editing, video creating and editing.

WeaslyGrizzly: Almost Done

Megapont Ape Club


I went from the bath and will come back soon.

spicysamosabadger.btc: The Other Dimension

Bitcoin Badgers


I am a self-starter, butter chicken lover and product enthusiast. Operating at the junction of minimalism and intellectual purity to craft experiences both online and in real life. I sometimes make random things with friends.

FrenchieBoops: hodl



I am the digital artist behind Stacculents and Spooky Staccs. Themes of whimsy, rainbows, and fantastical creatures shine throughout my artwork. Teaching and sharing art with the world is a passion, along with caring for our furry friends as a Veterinary ER and Critical Care nurse when not working on art.

Shrimpo: City Lights

Rehab Resort


My real name is Leonidas, but in the crypto space I’m Shrimpo. I’m a artist based in Germany and I’m the Co-Founder/Artist of Rehab Resort. I’m relatively new to crypto and digital drawing but I’m enjoying the community a lot so far.

It is a pleasure to bring you “The Artists Behind the Projects” as Gamma welcomes artists and creators to join us in building the future of digital collectibles, and bring together creators and collectors in an engaging and Web3-native way.



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