The Revenant - Travis LeRoy Southworth

The Revenant by Travis LeRoy
  • April 15, 2024
Gamma Team
Gamma Team

Travis LeRoy Southworth is an OG in the crypto art space and one of the initial beta testers of SuperRare. His Web3 career spans back to 2018, and his IRL digital art career back to the later 90’s.

With a keen eye for detail and a daring approach, Travis uses digital tools to both reveal and distance himself from the relentless scrutiny of online aesthetics. He unveils his focus on portraiture series, with acclaimed collections focusing on perceived imperfection. Throughout his work, the face has become a focal point in a mesmerizing exploration of vulnerability. 

Travis's artistic quest doesn't stop at surface-level examination; it delves into the very essence of human identity in the digital age. His exceptional series "Detouched," born from his professional expertise as a photo retoucher, displays the hidden facets of facial 'flaws' with startling clarity. Through abstract portraits crafted from erased faces, Travis reveals the unique markers that define each individual, challenging viewers to reconsider their perceptions of beauty.

His artistry extends beyond the digital canvas. With a reflective gaze, he contemplates the societal impacts of technology, from its power to enhance lives to its potential to erode empathy in the digital realm. 

Join Travis as he brings you on his artistic odyssey with “The Revenant,” - A story about bitcoin, death and digital art. The Revenant is a metadata rich series. Each artwork title is sourced from text and headlines taken from news outlets that prematurely announced bitcoin's downfall. 

Travis navigates the ever-shifting landscapes of beauty, identity, and human connection in the digital age. Through his thought-provoking creations, he invites us to question, to reflect, and to discover the profound truths hidden beneath the surface. Discover the entire collection on Gamma.


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