Introducing the Gamma Curated Series

Gamma Curated Series
  • June 26, 2023

Ever since its inception, Gamma has aimed to empower creators with robust, user-friendly tools that enable them to initiate their projects using Bitcoin. Now, with the introduction of the Gamma Curation Series, we’re amplifying the exposure of budding artists from the Web3 world, offering unique avenues for those keen on creating a lasting legacy on the Bitcoin blockchain. Read on to learn more about this exciting initiative and find out how you can become a part of it.


Understanding the Gamma Curation Series

We are thrilled to unveil the Gamma Curation Series, a periodic showcase of handpicked Ordinal inscriptions available for purchase on the Gamma platform. Spanning across an array of artistic styles and genres, these collections will spotlight not only up-and-coming artists but also headline auctions and more.

At the helm of curating these unique collections is Hugo Pouchard, a seasoned art veteran with a decade’s experience straddling the worlds of traditional art and Web3. Hugo’s illustrious career includes stints at renowned institutions such as Christie’s and, along with dynamic startups like He was also instrumental in shaping Gamma’s inaugural gallery at Ordinals Alley during Bitcoin Miami 2023.

For artists, the Gamma Curation Series heralds new possibilities for enhanced discoverability and reputation enhancement. As an artist, your work might catch the attention of global collectors and art enthusiasts, dramatically increasing your visibility.

Collectors, on the other hand, can leverage these curated collections as a springboard for discovering intriguing and promising artists, procuring significant artwork, or finding their way into diverse art communities.


How can I participate?

The roadmap for the Gamma Curation Series includes a wide variety of collections featuring emerging artists, special themes, guest curators, and more. While our in-house team will primarily reach out to artists for this curation endeavor, we also encourage proactive submissions through our ongoing open call.

Please note, artists are allowed only one submission per month to our open call due to the high volume of submissions we anticipate receiving. Unfortunately, any additional submissions within the same month will not be taken into consideration.

We look forward to seeing your creations and sharing them with the world through the Gamma Curation Series. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements!

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