Partner Artist Spotlight: Jordi Gandul

  • April 24, 2024
Gamma Team
Gamma Team

Meet Jordi Gandul

To begin, could you share a bit about you as a person and your artistic journey? How did you start creating digital art, and what led you to release your work using Bitcoin ordinals? How has that experience been?

Hello there! I'm Jordi Gandul, hailing from Barcelona, and I'm thrilled to embark on this journey with you. My artistic venture commenced in childhood, where my love for doodling paved the way for an enduring passion. Since then, it's been a delightful ride filled with exploration and growth.

Drawing inspiration from Japanese culture, graffiti, cartoons, and tech topics, my work reflects a colorful amalgamation of influences. From digital art to wall painting, I revel in pushing the boundaries of my creativity.

My foray into Bitcoin ordinals came about in October 2023 with the help of Counterfeit Cvlture. Their invitation to collaborate introduced me to this unique platform, and though I initially had no clue about it, their guidance made the experience enriching and educational.

Style and Approach

Your digital art has a distinctive style. How would you describe your artistic approach, and what elements or themes do you frequently explore in your creations? What feels authentic to you when creating?

Thank you for recognizing the uniqueness in my work! My approach blends vector art with rough textures, creating a visual language that mirrors my journey and perspective. Psychedelic and surreal elements infuse authenticity into my creations, often exploring themes like technology, web3, and surrealism.

The interplay of chaos and order is a recurring motif, adding layers of complexity to my pieces. Authenticity for me lies in the freedom to experiment and take risks, allowing the creative process to unfold organically.

Bitcoin Ordinals as a Medium

Using Bitcoin ordinals is a unique choice for releasing art. What inspired you to integrate this cryptocurrency element into your work, and how does it enhance or influence your artistic expression? Has it been a different experience for you in comparison to other blockchains?

Integrating Bitcoin ordinals into my art stems from a curiosity about the intersection of art and finance, leveraging blockchain technology's transformative potential. It adds layers of meaning and scarcity to my work, creating a thought-provoking experience for both myself and the audience.

Exploring Released Pieces

Let's delve into some specific pieces you've released using Bitcoin ordinals. Could you highlight some of your works that hold special significance to you, and share the stories or inspirations behind them?

The piece that holds immense significance for me is "THE GATEKEEPER." Inspired by the theme "HACKING BITCOIN," I depicted Pepe as a guardian of the chain, symbolizing its resilience against hacking attempts.

Background in Traditional Art

Before diving into digital art, did you have a background in traditional art forms? How has your artistic journey evolved, and in what ways has the transition to digital art impacted your creative process?

My journey began with traditional art and later transitioned into graphic design. Adobe Illustrator became my primary tool, marking a significant shift in my artistic pursuit. Though challenging, the transition to digital art has been rewarding, offering newfound versatility alongside my enduring love for traditional painting.

Personal Growth and Evolution

Reflecting on your artistic journey, how have you personally grown and evolved as an individual throughout your artistic journey? Are there specific lessons or insights you've gained that have shaped you beyond your role as an artist?

My journey has been transformative, teaching me resilience in the face of challenges. Embracing difficulties as opportunities for growth has not only strengthened my artistic skills but also fortified my resilience in life.

Artistic Influences

Are there specific artists or art movements that have significantly influenced your work? How do you navigate the balance between drawing inspiration and maintaining originality in your creations?

Artists like Junji Ito and Nychos inspire me, but I ensure to maintain originality in my work, using others' creations as catalysts for my creativity.

Adaptability in the Creative Process

As an artist navigating the digital space and the evolving world of cryptocurrencies, how have you adapted and learned not just as a creator but as a human being? Can you share instances where challenges in your artistic process also contributed to personal growth?

Resilience is key in both art and life. Embracing challenges as opportunities for growth has been a valuable lesson learned throughout my journey.

Future Aspirations

Looking ahead, what are your aspirations as a digital artist using Bitcoin ordinals? Are there specific projects or goals you are working towards?

My goal is to foster a vibrant community appreciating my art. I'm currently working on a project involving hundreds of PFPs to achieve this.

Advice for Emerging Digital Artists

For aspiring digital artists interested in integrating cryptocurrencies into their work, what advice would you offer based on your experiences and insights gained so far?

Patience is key. Investing time in research and cultivating genuine interest in the field is crucial for success in this unique community.

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