Partner Artist Spotlight: 8th Project

  • May 1, 2024
Gamma Team
Gamma Team

Meet 8th Project

To begin, could you share a bit about you as a person and your artistic journey? How did you start creating digital art, and what led you to release your work using Bitcoin ordinals? How has that experience been?

Hello, I'm a French artist living in Mexico, known professionally as 8th Project. My artistic journey kicked off during the challenging times of COVID-19 in 2020. Initially a self-taught artist, I transitioned to full-time in 2021, propelled by the burgeoning opportunities in the bull market. My work primarily revolves around deconstructing reality through geometric forms, which evolved from using markers on paper to fully embracing digital tools like Procreate by 2021.

My exploration of emerging technologies led me to Bitcoin ordinals about six months ago, a journey that has not only introduced me to a new medium but also to an incredible community that significantly enriches my experience.

Style and Approach

Your digital art has a distinctive style. How would you describe your artistic approach, and what elements or themes do you frequently explore in your creations? What feels authentic to you when creating?

My art draws heavy inspiration from Kandinsky, infused with my own imaginative twists. I mainly focus on portraits, though I sometimes explore abstract art. Creating art for me is akin to meditation; it acts as both a catalyst and an amplifier for my emotions, imbuing each piece with authenticity that reflects my personal experiences.

Bitcoin Ordinals as a Medium

Using Bitcoin ordinals is a unique choice for releasing art. What inspired you to integrate this cryptocurrency element into your work, and how does it enhance or influence your artistic expression? Has it been a different experience for you in comparison to other blockchains?

Using Bitcoin ordinals to release art has presented a fascinating challenge. The medium requires less detailed work, which pushes me to simplify and focus my expression, adding a unique dimension to my artistic process compared to other blockchain platforms. I thoroughly enjoy this challenge as it enriches my approach to digital art.

Exploring Released Pieces

Let's delve into some specific pieces you've released using Bitcoin ordinals. Could you highlight some of your works that hold special significance to you, and share the stories or inspirations behind them?

Certainly! One of my favorite collections is "Bozart," which features depictions of human bodies in motion, each linked to a specific emotion and rendered in oranges and shades of gray (featured above). This series allowed me to deconstruct muscle forms to impart a different dynamic, exploring the interplay of movement and emotion through a digital lens.

Background in Traditional Art

Before diving into digital art, did you have a background in traditional art forms? How has your artistic journey evolved, and in what ways has the transition to digital art impacted your creative process?

Yes, I started with traditional mediums, using markers before transitioning to digital formats for their convenience and versatility. This shift not only made creation more accessible but also simplified the integration of my work with blockchain technology, which is particularly useful for platforms that prefer digital formats like JPEGs.

Personal Growth and Evolution

Reflecting on your artistic journey, how have you personally grown and evolved as an individual throughout your artistic journey? Are there specific lessons or insights you've gained that have shaped you beyond your role as an artist?

Throughout my artistic journey, I've learned the importance of patience and practice. Balancing intense creative periods with rest has been crucial, as fatigue rarely leads to masterpieces. This process has reinforced that continuous effort, coupled with adequate recovery, is essential to sustaining creativity.

Artistic Influences

Are there specific artists or art movements that have significantly influenced your work? How do you navigate the balance between drawing inspiration and maintaining originality in your creations?

Wassily Kandinsky's work was a revelation for me, inspiring me to adapt his abstract concepts into my own digital portraits against consistently white backgrounds. Maintaining originality while drawing inspiration is a delicate balance that I navigate by adding personal touches to foundational ideas.

Adaptability in the Creative Process

As an artist navigating the digital space and the evolving world of cryptocurrencies, how have you adapted and learned not just as a creator but as a human being? Can you share instances where challenges in your artistic process also contributed to personal growth?

The key lesson has been to avoid constant comparisons with other artists. I focus on what I can control and excel at, drawing inspiration without mimicking others' paths to success. This approach has not only fostered my growth as an artist but also as a person, reinforcing the value of authenticity and self-awareness.

Future Aspirations

Looking ahead, what are your aspirations as a digital artist using Bitcoin ordinals? Are there specific projects or goals you are working towards?

I aspire to continue inspiring people with my digital art using Bitcoin ordinals. I'm excited about the potential of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology as integral parts of the art world and am keen to keep exploring these mediums.

Advice for Emerging Digital Artists

For aspiring digital artists interested in integrating cryptocurrencies into their work, what advice would you offer based on your experiences and insights gained so far?

For aspiring digital artists curious about integrating cryptocurrency into their work, my advice is straightforward: embrace patience, dedicate time, and commit to hard work. Cryptocurrencies represent the future, and there's no reason why ambitious artists should not be a part of this exciting evolution. Remember, community support is crucial in this journey, so engage actively and build relationships within this vibrant ecosystem.

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