Halving Homecoming

Halving Homecoming: Meet the Artists
  • April 16, 2024
Gamma Team
Gamma Team


In the dynamic artistic scene of Long Beach, Dave Van Patten emerges as a standout figure, traversing diverse mediums and styles with an eclectic flair. From his roots in zines and comics to his monumental city murals and pioneering NFT collections, Dave's evolution as an artist is as expansive as it is unconventional.

Beginning his journey in the realm of zines and comics, Dave quickly outgrew his humble origins, venturing into the realm of large-scale murals that now grace the urban landscape of Long Beach. But his artistic exploration didn't end there. Venturing into the digital realm of NFTs and album art projects, Dave made waves with collections like Cloudmachine and Monster Party, even earning a Grammy for his collaboration with the legendary Grateful Dead.

Drawing inspiration from 90s nostalgia, 80s horror films, and countercultural 60s comics like those of R Crumb, Dave's style is a unique fusion of influences. Imagine the irreverent humor of Mike Judge meeting retro sci-fi aesthetics, infused with the psychedelic allure of "Fantastic Planet" by Rene Laloux.

One of Dave's recent pieces, "Weirdoverse," carries profound meaning, serving as a tribute to his late father and co-founder of Cloudmachine and Monster Party. The artwork portrays the journey of a soul transitioning into another realm, reflecting themes of loss and transformation with Dave's trademark emotional depth.

For Dave, the realization that his artwork would be immortalized on the Bitcoin blockchain was a surreal moment, marking the expansion of his creative journey into the Web3 universe. It's an exciting prospect, signaling the boundless potential of digital preservation for his work.

Amidst his artistic achievements, Dave fondly recalls a mischievous anecdote from his sixth-grade days when his comic book "Gross Art" stirred controversy with its graphic content, earning it the title of a "banned book." This early experience epitomizes Dave's penchant for pushing boundaries and challenging norms, a trait that continues to define his artistic journey.

In Dave Van Patten's world, art defies constraints. From banned books to Grammy accolades, his journey is an example of the limitless possibilities of creativity and the enduring impact of artistic expression. As he continues to explore new frontiers and expand the horizons of his craft, one thing remains clear: his artistic universe knows no bounds.


Axstone's artistic journey is a remarkable blend of personal passion and forward-thinking innovation. From childhood sketches to global collaborations, her career is a testament to unwavering dedication to artistic exploration and expression.

Art has always been Axstone's steadfast companion, nurtured from her earliest years. This lifelong devotion has shaped her distinctive artistic style, resonating with audiences worldwide. Collaborating with renowned brands, musicians, and professionals, particularly in the vibrant festival scene, has been instrumental in her growth. Reflecting on her journey, Axstone expresses gratitude for these opportunities and takes pride in her progress.

Rooted in the nostalgia of her upbringing, Axstone's artistic inspiration stems from the video games and music of her youth. She intricately weaves elements from the era of MS-DOS into her work, creating a captivating fusion of past and present. Describing her style as "old school," Axstone remains committed to preserving the essence of bygone eras in her art. One of Axstone's notable projects is her collaboration with "Soulboy," exploring the transformative power of music in urban life. She passionately believes in music's ability to enhance the beauty of the night, a sentiment reflected in her art.

Embracing the intersection of art and technology, Axstone has embarked on the journey of preserving her art on the blockchain. This transition represents more than just a storage method; it signifies a paradigm shift in the consumption and preservation of art. Axstone sees this as the dawn of a new era, shaping the future of artistic expression.

With an exceptional memory for detail, Axstone brings depth and authenticity to her artwork. Her ability to recall intricate nuances enriches her creations, elevating them to new heights. Axstone's career embodies a harmonious blend of past and future. By melding nostalgic elements with modern technology, her journey serves as a reminder that art is a continual evolution, fueled by exploration, memory, and the pursuit of new horizons.



Giulio's passion for photography ignited at the age of five, leading him on a journey to capture the world's most remote landscapes. Though not initially a professional, his interest deepened during his time studying documentary filmmaking in London, shaping his unique niche in what he fondly calls "desert photography."

His inspiration stems not from renowned art but from personal explorations of secluded regions, particularly deserts, where he finds beauty in the resilience of those who inhabit these harsh environments. His work reflects a profound connection to the solitude and contrasts found in these landscapes, illustrating the transformative power of exploring the world.

A notable piece in Giulio's portfolio is "Boundless Sands," an aerial photograph capturing the vast solitude of the Sahara Desert. Taken during a challenging expedition to Libya in January 2024, this image marks a fleeting moment of tranquility amidst the relentless expanse of sand.

Recently, Giulio integrated his photography with blockchain technology, marking a significant milestone in his career. Despite his dislike for the heat and sand, a paradox that adds complexity to his character, Giulio's passion for his subject matter remains unwavering. His experience as a parkour coach likely contributed to his physical resilience in navigating challenging terrains.

"Boundless Sands" not only captures the shifting hues of the desert at sunset but also a moment of deep connection with nature. As Giulio and his team prepared to depart the Idehan Ubari for the Al-Hamra Plateau, they experienced a profound sense of peace amidst the dunes in the fading light. The photograph serves as a narrative of time and change, reflecting the constant motion of both the desert and life itself.

Through Giulio's lens, we glimpse stories of endurance and beauty, reminding us of the diverse and dynamic world we inhabit.



Tiffatronn, a visionary artist from Australia, unveils her latest masterpiece titled "21 ETERNAL." Within the vibrant strokes of this digital canvas lies an homage to youth, prosperity, and the enduring beacon of hope for the future.

With a fervent dedication to her craft, Tiffatronn has carved her niche as an independent artist, weaving narratives of identity, introspection, and the boundless realms of emotion within her digitally hand-painted creations. For over three years, she has shared her evocative works on Ethereum, establishing herself as a luminary in the realm of digital art.

Now, poised to make her debut on the Bitcoin blockchain, Tiffatronn's artistic vision takes flight. "21 ETERNAL" emerges as a testament to her artistic evolution, transcending boundaries and embracing new horizons.

Tiffatronn's artistic process shows her commitment to innovation and creativity. Blending digital brushstrokes with traditional techniques, she orchestrates a symphony of abstract mark-making, painting, drawing, and collage. Each layer of her work is imbued with meaning, capturing the essence of her inner world and the tapestry of imagined realities.

Embracing imperfection as a narrative device, Tiffatronn invites viewers to journey through the labyrinth of her creations, where randomness and unexpected outcomes breathe life into her narrative. "21 ETERNAL" invites audiences to contemplate the beauty of youth, the promise of prosperity, and the eternal optimism that guides humanity towards the dawn of each new day.



Sir Gadfly's collection of animated glitch art showcases exclusive 1-of-1 Ordinals inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain, preserving these digital artifacts as modern art relics and a gateway to the revolutionary spirit of our era. 4 times Emmy Nominee, Sir Gadfly is also a filmmaker. Visit Sir Gadfly's created prints here.

We'll be airdropping a special bonus by Sir Gadfly to all who collect pieces by the previous 4 artists during the "Halving Homecoming" launch on Gamma.

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