Bitcoin Monkeys

A limited collection of monkeys were found within a mysterious jungle – each unique in their own way and part of a monkey community. Each NFT giving access to a range of benefits and membership to a secret club found within the jungle. Bitcoin Monkeys are a limited collection of 2500 unique NFTs on the Stacks […]

45 STX

Introducing Gamma

We're excited to introduce Gamma, a market place and hub for the world's Web3 social identity, centered around NFTs secured by Bictoin. Gamma is built to be the home for […]

Together, with Gamma

Gamma commissioned a series of original artworks by a group of over a dozen creators on Stacks and Bitcoin. The collection, titled “Together, with Gamma” explores dozens of artistic representations […]

Bitcoin Pizza Day Porto Alegre

Instituto Caldeira Travessa São José, 455, Navegantes, Porto Alegre

We're excited to sponsor Bitcoin Pizza Day Porto Alegre! The event will be held in person and live streamed in both English and Portuguese!  

May Creator Spotlight

Gamma has worked with a dozen artists home to Tezos, Ethereum, and other chains and encouraged them to share their genesis mint on Bitcoin via Stacks. We're beyond excited to […]

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