Meet the Creators #2

Join our Discord Stage and meet Tyler Foust, Izzzi, Arno Carstens...

Gamma @ MidwestCon

Art Academy of Cincinnati 1212 Jackson St, Cincinnati, OH

Gamma will be joining The Art Academy of Cincinnati for MidwestCon, celebrating art, tech, and culture. Our COO Nick will also be speaking Friday, August 12th at 4:45pm EDT.

Proof of Work Celebration Collection

NFTs on Stacks are secured by the strongest base layer in crypto: Bitcoin. What makes Bitcoin the best layer for NFTs? Well, behind the strength of Bitcoin’s security is a mechanism known as Proof of Work (PoW), which is exactly what it sounds like — a consensus mechanism that rewards those who have proved they put […]

Creator Round Table

Join us for our Q3 Creator Round Table, as we gather to celebrate artists and their craft and discuss how creators can connect, get support, and build community. We're breaking out to: artist collabs, community building, and new feature dev. Thu, Aug 25th: 4:30p-6:30p ET/NY 

Peer-to-Peer: Community Collection

Equity, noun: the situation in which everyone is treated fairly according to their needs and no group of people is given special treatment. What is the whole point, the long term goal of being seen and heard, of being equals at work, at home, in life? The answer, to me, is quite simple: equity. I dream […]

Building on Bitcoin Party – Messari Crypto Mainnet

Stacks and Hiro are excited to be celebrating how far crypto has come since the last bear market! Despite the current price volatility, the future looks bright for builders and we can't wait to connect with you at one of NYC's best spaces, Lavan 541. We'll have DJ Marc Wolf, arcade games, a claw machine, […]

Bitcoin Unleashed: Builders Edition

Bitcoin Unleashed: Builders Edition is a premier virtual event bringing together founders and developers for all things building on Bitcoin. You’ll learn from industry luminaries, build alongside the best developers in the space, and connect with fellow Bitcoiners from across the globe. The event will be followed by a hackathon. Speakers include the CEO of […]

Peer-to-Peer: Community Collection Mint

We're excited to announce that our Peer-to-Peer mint, supporting charities working toward global gender equity causes, will mint on Oct 19th at 5pm ET. We'll also be hosting a Space on Oct 20th featuring the panel of multitalented artists who curated this collection. The full artwork will be revealed during the Twitter space. Each piece […]

Peer-to-Peer: Community Collection Twitter Space

Following the Mint of the Peer-to-Peer collection, we will be hosting a Space on Oct 20th featuring the panel of multitalented artists who curated this collection. The artists who were selected by the panel are also invited to join. The full artwork will be revealed during the Twitter space. Each piece in the collection was […]

Artemis – Miami Art Week

The Launchpad UC, 1306 Stanford Dr Room 1319, Miami, FL, United States

Gamma will be at Artemis on December 2nd, at the Launchpad Miami to celebrate art, NFTs and more! Artist Partners include Logik, Eddie Gangland, Manny Linx, Ali Sabet, Jake Sheyket, Gabe Weis, Warhodl, Senator Greaves, Camille, Adam Vlux, Roc Sol, Luther  

NFT Basel – Miami Art Week

Wynwood Art District Miami, FL, United States

A digital and IRL mixed-media event packed with DJs, top creatives, curated guest speakers, films, immersive activations, live poetry, live painting, and 1000 guests.  

Moonbound! A quest for Bitcoin NFTs

Ready for a fun treasure hunt? Gamma has worked with 40 apps & creators on Stacks to host a social treasure hunt and quest for #Bitcoin NFTs. Two dozen 1/1s from top artists will be awarded to random winners, plus a grand prize of 10 million Sats (0.1 BTC).    

All times listed are in Pacific Timezone (PST/PDT).