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“We Are V” Domino Collection

The Domino Collection represents the power of chain reactions. Each individual who takes action and influences others has the ability to generate downstream impacts they can barely comprehend. A sovereign individual is a potent force, but many sovereign individuals collaborating together will be necessary to overthrow the platform behemoths. Lifetime early access to all new … Continue reading “We Are V” Domino Collection

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“We Are V” Rose Collection

The Rose Collection represents the most powerful force of all: love. Love for individual freedom, truth, and justice is ultimately what will usher in a User-Owned Internet where everyone is free to engage, socialize, and conduct business in a fair and private way. Lifetime early access to all new TRUBIT platform features Lifetime access to … Continue reading “We Are V” Rose Collection

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Augie, a Jack Russell Terrier, took my life by storm the day he arrived from Virginia at 10 weeks of age. He was a tiny but mighty puppy who learned to leverage his cuteness to get whatever he wanted. I have a chronic illness that has caused a disability, and Augie is my assistance dog. … Continue reading Augie

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