A Guide to the Gamma Create Portal

The Gamma create portal allows you to define and deploy a custom smart contract for your NFT collection. You’ll have a range of options to give you ultimate control of how you want your contract to be deployed, all without having to write any of the code!

If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to our support team. In the meantime, continue reading below for guidance on how to deploy your first collection. Gamma is proud to provide the building blocks for your NFT collection, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  • Step One: Give your collection a name!

Please note this cannot be longer than 30 characters, and cannot have any special symbols apart from a dash.

For example:

My 1st NFTs – allowed

My 1st NFT’s – not allowed

  • Step Two: You will then need to create a collection description. Try and be succinct and sum up what the collection is, what it stands for, and why it exists.

For example –The 3D Stacks Parrots NFTs are an evolution that has flown into existence from the 2D Stacks Parrots collection. Only 402 of these squawkers will ever exist. Like all birds, they will start off in their eggs, and hatch when they’re ready. These voxel parrots have attitude, style and charisma, and are eager to fly to their new nests to meet their owners.

  • Step Three: Select a Mint price. we recommend considering the price of STX in USD terms when deciding this!
  • Step Four: Provide an email address for Gamma to use to contact you.
  • Step Five: You will then need to provide a Stacks wallet address for where you want the STX from the mint and the royalties to be sent to, if it is different to the wallet address you used to login with. This is an important point to consider.
  • Step Six: Provide a domain name for your website or Twitter profile for promotional purposes.
  • Step Seven: The last but very important step, adding your assets! Please be aware that you need to upload them all at once AND in the order you would like them minted. Currently, there is no option to randomize this order in our create portal.
  • Step Eight: Add a cover image. This is displayed at the top of your collection’s mint page.
  • Step Nine: You will then need to add a .csv file with your collection’s attributes. These are the traits that determine the rarity and ranking, if this applies to your collection. Please make sure there are no excess rows or columns in your .csv file!
  • Step Ten: The next check box allows you to select how many mints a wallet can have. Rather than just one per transaction, you can select three, five, ten and twenty five.
  • Step Eleven: You will then be prompted as to whether you are providing a mint-pass or not. This will allow you to dictate which wallet addresses can mint prior to the public release. Again, please make sure there are no extra rows beneath your last set of traits. This can be done by selecting all remaining rows and deleting them.
    • For example: |SP3T35343TSNCMC3XHETT389|2| – means that the wallet address would be allowed two mints in the pre-mint.
  • Step Twelve: You will then be able to add whether or not any wallet addresses will receive an airdrop (which means they will not need to pay for a mint). if one wallet address is going to receive more than one, it needs to be listed again in the .csv file. If a certain wallet address is mean to receive a certain NFT, please ensure it matches up in the correct row.
    • For example: 1| SP3TYHHUIIE887654FF342X| This would mean they will receive NFT id #1 in the drop.
  • Step Thirteen: Select your unit of account. All mints will be able to be minted with STX (Stacks) – but we also have other options such as MIA or LN.
  • Step Fourteen: All mints are enabled once deployed. However, if you would like to pause minting and then enable it at a later time, check the box that indicates as such.
  • Step Fifteen: You may then set the maximum number of mints a wallet can make (this number needs to be greater than zero).
  • Step Sixteen: Click “Review Collection” and anything that needs to be edited will be flagged. Otherwise the portal will navigate you to a page where you can submit the collection to IPFS (where your images or videos are stored). This can take a few minutes.

Finally you will be prompted to pay a gas fee for the contract to be deployed.

If you would like to be able to add to a contract with extra NFTs (such as minting in batches), do not pay the fee. Instead, select “code” on the txn box, copy and paste the code, and send it to the STXNFT so that we can work on this per project plans.

Well done! Now that you’ve made your way through the create portal, you can head over to  [https://create.gamma.io/collection/your-collection-name] to view your mint page.

If you have paused minting, you will see the following options:

  • Set Price
  • Set Mint Limit (change the # of mints allowed per wallet)
  • Resume Minting
  • Airdrop Tokens 
    • This will initiate the airdrop to the addresses you specified in Step Twelve.
  • Initiate Mint-pass Sale: 
    • This will initiate the mint-pass for your specified addresses in Step Eleven.
  • Freeze Metadata: 
    • This will freeze metadata and ensure your collection is immutable.

We hope this short guide was helpful! If you have any suggestions or want further clarification, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Gamma Support.

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