Weekly Airdrops for STXNFT.com Users

We’re Launching Airdrops for Our Most Loyal Users

We want to reward the community for actively participating in our marketplace, so we’re launching weekly airdrops for our most loyal users and supporters. We’re also partnering with artists and creators throughout our NFT ecosystem to make sure our airdrop pool remains fresh and full of highly sought after NFTs.

How can I be eligible for an airdrop by using the marketplace?

  • Buy any NFT on STXNFT: Find an NFT you love? Mint or purchase the NFT on the marketplace to be eligible for an airdrop during that week. (Unlimited entries)
  • List any NFT on STXNFT: Ready for your next NFT? List your NFT for sale and you’ll be eligible for an airdrop during that week. Your NFT doesn’t need to sell during that week to be eligible for an airdrop. (Max of one entry per NFT)
  • Eligibility periods are ongoing, Monday to Sunday

How can I be eligible for an airdrop without buying or selling an NFT?

  1. Follow us on Twitter @stxnft
  2. One of the following actions (or both):
    1. Set your Twitter bio URL to your STXNFT profile (e.g. stxnft.com/nftairdrops.btc)
    2. Set your Twitter header image to a screenshot of your stxnft.com profile.
  3. Engage with any Tweet during that week (Like, Reply, QT, RT)

When you engage with our Tweets, we’ll be on the lookout for Twitter users who have their Twitter bios customized with their STXNFT wallet profiles. You could be our next lucky winner!

Partner Requests: Are you an artist/creator that would like to contribute to our weekly airdrop pool? We’re on the lookout for NFTs to include in our weekly airdrops. Please contact us at [email protected] with the subject “Airdrop Partner Request”.