Moon Bound! A Quest for Bitcoin NFTs eliherf February 16, 2023

Moon Bound! A Quest for Bitcoin NFTs

Moon Bound! A Quest for Bitcoin NFTs was a social treasure hunt where around 350 participants competed to find secret codes that earned entries to a prize pool while learning about Stacks, Gamma, web3 apps, and Bitcoin NFTs. 

Two dozen 1/1 Bitcoin NFTs were been specially created by artist partners and have been awarded at random at the conclusion of the event. There was also a Grand Prize of 10 Million Sats (0.1 Bitcoin).

Congratulations to these winners, we hope everybody had a wonderful time getting to know Stacks, and Stacks projects while sleuthing around and solving some mind boggling clues.

1/1 NFTs:

  • Rabobie x2
  • jim.btc
  • NickySpecs
  • Daniel Acevedo
  • Dandy Warhol
  • Francisc x2
  • lihongwei
  • Crypto Sai
  • John
  • Tokenmixer.btc
  • Ted Janicki
  • Fitradikky
  • Chris Almida
  • Cristian Asandului x2
  • Gary
  • Neil Stanley
  • Michael Carpenter
  • brick.btc x2
  • Jordan ingle
  • Dan Coe
  • Lee

Partner NFTs:

  • TheAdministrator.btc x2
  • James Butler
  • Joeri van der Pol
  • Flor Peña
  • Miguel Antonio Herta
  • GoodKitty
  • TJ Hanks
  • Rohit Sharma
  • Arley Abreu
  • Thomas McLagan
  • Bhairav97
  • Tom Glendinning
  • Federico Gurrea Cornu

The Grand Prize of 0.1 BTC:

  • 1babo.btc


Created by (from left to right):

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